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About Us

Our History...Continued

Since 1997 Lisa Kaye has been owner/operator of Stoddard's Frozen Custard.

In 2006, the Stoddard's Custard Cruiser was introduced and can be seen at local festivals and area events.

Made Fresh Daily

Stoddard's Frozen Custard is known for its SMOOTH & CREAMY custard style ice cream. For the past 60+ years, our frozen custard has been "Made Fresh Daily" by old-fashioned Euclid Beach type custard machines. These machines put less air into the product, therefore producing the smooth & creamy custard style ice cream that is well known at Stoddard's in Kent, Ohio.

Stoddard's Mission

Since Stoddard's Frozen Custard's beginning, our goal is to provide a quality frozen treat at a fair price, with quality ingredients, made fresh daily on premises. Stoddard's uses only the best quality fruits, nuts and purees available.

Our mission is to see that every customer is greeted with a friendly smile at the window and leaves happy and satisified, with a quality product.

Our Products

Stoddard's offers Vanilla, Chocolate and a Special Flavor of the Day every day along with our Home Made Ice Cream & Low Fat Yogurt, No-Fat No-Sugar Hard Ice Cream, Sherbet & Dairy Free Sorbet. Stoddard's products come in many flavors, and there is always something for everyone.

Our custard style ice cream is lower in butterfat than traditional hard ice cream and is made on an hourly basis through our old-fashioned custard machines. We know you will enjoy our SMOOTH & CREAMY Custard Style Ice Cream.

Our Motto: "We Put Care--Not Air--into our Custard Style Ice Cream," and that is one of the many reasons why Stoddard's has been so popular for the past 60+ years.

Thank You

The Stoddard's Crew wants to THANK all of the hundreds of thousands of patrons that have made Stoddard's what it is today!

"In Pursuit of Excellence...One Scoop at a Time"


Stoddard's Frozen Custard

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