Operating Procedures

Dear valued customers, we made some provisions to our daily routines. We will do our part to ensure the safety of the Stoddard’s team and our customers.

During their shifts, they will be;

  • Washing hands often
  • Working at designated work stations
  • Going over a list of symptoms and will be sent home if any are present
  • Contacting the manager immediately if any symptoms arise

The Stoddard’s team will be equipped with hand sanitizer and cleaning solutions at each work station to keep all surfaces clean after each customer.

Team members will let management know immediately if they don’t feel well, and have any symptoms

When possible, individual team members will handle each function of the order to insure social distancing and to keep the flow of cars moving.

Our number one priority is for our staff and our guests to have a safe and satisfying experience each and every time they come to Stoddard’s.

Thank you, and hope to see you all soon!
The Stoddard’s Team